Sahray Kerang brown/green


The Sahray Kerang brown / green is an ecological and luxurious tile solution for any interior design.
Made from carefully selected kelp algae from the Pacific.

Through the careful selection of our tiles, lively and harmonious atmospheres can be created. The combination of colors, shades and patterns is given by the natural look of the kelp algae. Each tile is unique.

Kelp is naturally resistant, without odor, very difficult to scratch, damage, or destroy. If you pour water over the tiles, they will absorb the liquid and return to their original state.

We have chosen to use bamboo as the basis of our tiles, because bamboo is an endless resource. In addition, we only use high-quality, non-toxic, ecological and environmentally friendly glue for our tiles.

Data sheet

Maluku Island
14 cm x 14 cm x 7 mm
Verpakking: afmeting + aantal tegels
1 m2 / 49 panels
The processing of the panels is customised. Consult our sales department for additional information.
Application area
Interior; straight walls
De tegels zijn heel gemakkelijk in het onderhoud. Dit kan met een vochtige doek, maar ook met verdunde schoonmaakmiddelen.