copy of My Tongkonan Natural 55W


Are you looking for special wall objects? Especially for you, we have the Tongkonan in a black frame. Nature at home has a unique collection of wall decorations made from natural residue materials in a white or black 100 x 100 cm frame. 

At Nature at home you will find a unique collection of wall objects. Our 3D wall decoration consists of natural residue materials that are processed into white or black 100 x 100 cm frames. The Tongkonan is a mosaic tile of 420 mm x 420 mm, where the individual pieces of coconut (30 mm x 30 mm) are glue to a synthetic backing. The hollow side of the shell is visible. This panel is placed in a black frame of 100 x 100 cm with a raised edge. Your Tongkonan Natural is delivered especially to you with a handy hanging system. 

Data sheet

Lyse fjord
Natural mix
Hollow and round
Maintenance with a vacuum cleaner, duster or cloth is sufficient. Otherwise cleaned with a slightly damp cloth. Do not use chemicals.
Kleur lijst
Paneel: 84 x 84 cm Incl. lijst: 100 x 100 x 5,5 cm

For the production of the coco panels, the shell of a coconut is cut into small, perfectly measured square pieces. Hereafter, they are manually glued to larger panels in tile format. The variation in designs are obtained by using the inside or outside of the shell, where they are then vanished or painted. Only water-borne, odourless adhesives, lacquers, and paints are used in the manufacture of these original products.

Given the high poverty rate in Indonesia, the production of the tiles have created opportunities and income for native people. The production of 250 m2 can occupy at least 40 workers for a whole month. The innovative way of using former waste products as raw materials for these decorative natural panels, ensures employment in the region. For this achievement, Cocomosaic has won various prizes and awards.

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