Torvtak middle green


Data sheet

750 gr
Gestabiliseerd mos
3,0 kg
Verpakking: afmeting + aantal tegels
1,0 m2 / 4 panels

Reindeer mosses have hollow branches without marrow, making them look like plants. The lichen lives in a nature reserve of around 300 km2, and are harvested under government supervision. This process is completely harmless, and the mosses regrow themselves.

After harvesting, the mosses are collected, cleaned, and naturally treated with a chlorophyll gel or glycerin. This treatment keeps the soft structure of the moss, and ensures that the plant repels dirt and is fire-retardant. The mosses can be coloured by adding natural pigments to the glycerin during the process. This treatment is beneficial because the moss repels insects.

The backings are processed without chemical adhesives, but instead with natural resin. The stabilised moss does not need sunlight, water, or maintenance to preserve its colour and shape. The moss has a lifespan of more than 8 years.

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