The Sanur palm bark natural from Nature at home is a unique wall covering made of tree bark from coconut palm trees. The panels are durable, decorative, stylish and easy to install. This handmade Asian wall decoration also improves the acoustics in any interior.

The Sanur from Nature at home is made from bark remnants of coconut trees. The panels are durable, decorative, stylish and easy to install. This special Asian decoration on the wall also improves the acoustics in your interior.

The Sanur palm bark natural is composed of residual wood from Javanese furniture factories. The palm bark is worthless for furniture production. By sawing the bark into pieces of 8 cm long and 2 cm wide and gluing them to a plastic backing, the leftovers are given a second life. The beautiful exotic wood wall panels are easy to attach to the wall with mounting kit. 

The panels are for interior application, not in humid areas. The panels can be applied in horizontal position only on straight walls. In vertical position on both round and straight surfaces. 

For maintenance, a vacuum cleaner, feather duster or dust cloth is enough. This tree bark wall covering is a mood enhancer for any room.

Data sheet

Oulanka forest
A composition with relief of wood with palm bark in wild. It is a mix of grey and brown tones. The individual pieces are 80mm long and have different heights. The panel has a matte appearance and is not serrated.
8,5 kg
0.984 m2 / 12 panels
Process the panels in 4 simple steps: 1 Let the panels acclimatise for 24 hours. 2 Saw them to size with a cutting or circle saw. 3 Apply mounting glue to the back of the panel. 4. Press the panels against the wall and admire the final result.
Maintenance with a vacuum cleaner, duster or cloth is sufficient. Otherwise cleaned with a slightly damp cloth. Do not use chemicals.

Cocomosaic tiles and its related decorative products contribute to the environment because they are made 100% of by and waste materials from wood workshops. Cocomosaic also participates in programs for planting trees to jointly take responsibility for the conservation of nature.

This makes Cocomosaic one of the most eco-friendly alternatives available in wall panelling. Through its production method, it offers a suitable answer to the environmental problems and sustainable development of society.

The Cocomosaic panels and its related decorative products are designed and produced with the aim of preserving the natural beauty of nature, and bringing an exotic atmosphere to wherever it is desired. All products are manufacture with “Saving Planet Earth” as the underlying intent.

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