My Prambanam Besar 55B


Are you looking for special wall objects? Especially for you, we have the Prambanam Besar in a black frame. Nature at home has a unique collection of wall decorations made from natural residue materials in a white or black 55 x 55 cm frame. 

At Nature at home you will find a unique collection of wall objects. Our 3D wall decoration consists of natural residue materials that are processed into white or black 55 x 55 cm frames. My Prambanam Besar is a mosaic composed of leftover tree bark from the Mahogany tree. The individual Rectangles parts are 30 x 60 mm and are laid in a mosaic as a duo. This panel is placed in a black frame of 55 x 55 cm with a raised edge. My Prambanam Besar is delivered especially to you with a handy hanging system. 

Data sheet

Bungle bungels
Mahogany bark
red brown
Maintenance with a vacuum cleaner, duster or cloth is sufficient. Otherwise cleaned with a slightly damp cloth. Do not use chemicals.
Kleur lijst
420 x 420 x 5mm 55 x 55cm

Cocomosaic tiles and its related decorative products contribute to the environment because they are made 100% of by and waste materials from wood workshops. Cocomosaic also participates in programs for planting trees to jointly take responsibility for the conservation of nature.

This makes Cocomosaic one of the most eco-friendly alternatives available in wall panelling. Through its production method, it offers a suitable answer to the environmental problems and sustainable development of society.

The Cocomosaic panels and its related decorative products are designed and produced with the aim of preserving the natural beauty of nature, and bringing an exotic atmosphere to wherever it is desired. All products are manufacture with “Saving Planet Earth” as the underlying intent.

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