copy of My Rumah 55W


Are you looking for special wall objects? Especially for you, we have the Rumah Gadang in a black frame. Nature at home has a unique collection of wall decorations made from natural residue materials in a white or black 55 x 55 cm frame. 

At Nature at home you will find a unique collection of wall objects. Our 3D wall decoration consists of natural residue materials that are processed into white or black 55 x 55 cm frames. The Rumah Gadang is composed of cube-shaped wood pieces, diagonally halved into 30 mm x 30 mm. These are glued on a backing. The panel of 42 cm x 42 cm has a colour mix of natural, white, indigo blue, and anthracite grey. It has a slight triangular relief. This panel is placed in a black frame of 55 x 55 cm with a raised edge. My Rumah Gadang is delivered especially to you with a handy hanging system.

Data sheet

Teak wood
Causeway stones
anthracite dark grey
Convex and round
Maintenance with a vacuum cleaner, duster or cloth is sufficient. Otherwise cleaned with a slightly damp cloth. Do not use chemicals.
Kleur lijst
400 x 400 x 20 mm 55 x 55 x 5,5 cm

We strongly believe in the great potential of sustainable production. One of our goals is therefore the use of sustainably manufactured wood in all our products. We only use certified wood. In addition, we strive for the best living and working conditions for our employees.

The wood workshop processes 100% FSC tropical hardwood. In this facility, we dry our wood by firing a waste processing boiler. Wood from the drying chambers is then further processed into a large amount of different 100% FSC products. Besides the production of 100% FSC products, we also have committed to long-term partnerships and collaborations with different production companies, that share our philosophy.

The products that forests generate, need to be of economic value in order to remain attractive. This ensures that the sustainability of a forest is maintained because investors want to secure their future. This strategy has proven to be successful.

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