copy of My Skuta Shelter Spalt 55W


Are you looking for special wall objects? Especially for you, we have the Skuta Shelter Spalt in a black frame. Nature at home has a unique collection of wall decorations made from natural residue materials in a white or black 55 x 55 cm frame. 

At Nature at home you will find a unique collection of wall objects. Our 3D wall decoration consists of natural residue materials that are processed into white or black 55 x 55 cm frames. The Skuta shelter splat is a wood composition that consists of squared nut wood residues that are glued together. The individual sawn sections are 45 mm high and have a variable length and thickness. This panel is placed in a black frame of 55 x 55 cm with a raised edge. My Skuta Shelter is delivered especially to you with a handy hanging system. 

Data sheet

Nut wood
Sequoia woods
Natural brown mix
Maintenance with a vacuum cleaner, duster or cloth is sufficient. Otherwise cleaned with a slightly damp cloth. Do not use chemicals.
Kleur lijst
400 x 400 x 20 mm 55 x 55 x 5,5 cm

To keep the forests in central and eastern Europe healthy and liveable, they are regularly thinned out in a responsible manner. The wood goes to sawmills for the construction and furniture industry. Our factories collect the leftover wood from these sawmills to process them into convenient wall panels.

The pieces of oak, pine, and walnut wood are dried and heated above 55 degree Celsius for 2 weeks. This prevents insects or larvae from remaining in the wood. Hereafter, the pieces are sawn, spilt, chopped, processed and glued. The assembly of the panels are completely done by hand by experienced woodworkers. A lot care and attention is paid to every individual product.

The factory is fully managed and staffed by local residents, supply many local families work and income. The production of wall panelling offers them the opportunity to greatly improve their local living conditions.

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