Kaya Putih


Data sheet

white wash
330x240x15mm serrated, 30mm
800 gr
Wood mosaic made of composite squares from 2 blocks of wood of 80x40mm
9,3 kg
1,008 m2 / 14 panels
View attachment for processing instructions
Application area
Interior; straight walls

To keep the forests in central and eastern Europe healthy and liveable, they are regularly thinned out in a responsible manner. The wood goes to sawmills for the construction and furniture industry. Our factories collect the leftover wood from these sawmills to process them into convenient wall panels.

The pieces of oak, pine, and walnut wood are dried and heated above 55 degree Celsius for 2 weeks. This prevents insects or larvae from remaining in the wood. Hereafter, the pieces are sawn, spilt, chopped, processed and glued. The assembly of the panels are completely done by hand by experienced woodworkers. A lot care and attention is paid to every individual product.

The factory is fully managed and staffed by local residents, supply many local families work and income. The production of wall panelling offers them the opportunity to greatly improve their local living conditions.

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